Top rated Day Trip Destinations From Phuket

Phuket is a marvellous tourist destination in Thailand having its most ravishing scenery that's perfect for the multi-island boat tours. Phuket boat tours are possible over a traditional long-tail boat or speedboat to get the chance to explore the clear waters, stunning islands and several other local attractions. Here are a couple of the most exciting day trips from Phuket:

Phi Phi Islands. The most enjoyable day trips is definite to add a stop at the Phi Phi Islands. Maui is simply 50-60 minute journey from Phuket and contains the stunning scenery of jade-green sea combined with the limestone karst formations. However the Phi Phi Islands gets the picture-perfect scenery, it is not the most effective destination for those who work in search of seclusion because it's popular with day trippers. A few of the great sights include Koh Phi Phi Don and Maya Bay on Koh Phi Phi Ley. Also, the crystal-clear waters make a visit to these islands a wonderful choice for that snorkeling enthusiasts.


Cheow Larn Lake. Khao Sok National Park is almost 150 km from Phuket and possesses rich, lush-green jungles, towering limestone peaks, waterfalls and deep blue lakes. This nature park is appreciated for not only its pure beauty, but also the ability to have a go at a number of activities, for example jungle trekking, exploring bat-filled caves and kayaking down the Sok River. Also, a great part of the park to go to will be the artificial Cheow Lan Lake using its luxury tented camps and floating raft houses. This region of Thailand could possibly get quite wet from the rainy season, so it's better traveling between December and April for the much more comfortable and dry weather.

Coral Island. Coral Island is a well-liked tour destination that is only 6 km from mainland Phuket and well-liked by beach lovers and snorkelers to the soft white sands and coral. Snorkeling provides possiblity to go to a number of tropical fish, like trumpet fish, butterfly fish and parrotfish. This tropical isle has two major beaches with Long Beach the best to arrive at, while Banana Beach is often a further option, but does require a 15 minute trek over the jungle to achieve. Popular activities include relaxing and massages for the beach, banana boat rides, kayaking and parasailing.

Racha Islands. The white sands and clear waters from the Racha Islands attract lots of day trippers. Racha Islands is all about 12 km from Phuket and reached by boat in 45-60 minutes. At Siam is the quietest island, while Racha Yai (Big Racha) is the the one which provides the most attention and popular because of its swimming and snorkeling activities.

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