Microwave ovens are a treasure trove of useful parts: transformers, an HV micro fusione alluminio, a piezo speaker, along with a high torque motor, to name just a few. In a new spin, [Rulof Maker] strips out that out and utilizes only the metallic case to create a furnace for melting aluminum, copper and bronze.

Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

His warmth source is a quartet of 110 volt, 450 watt quartz heating elements which he mounts inside the trunk. To reduce heat loss, he lines the walls with ceramic fiber insulation. Unfortunately, that involves covering the interior of the window, therefore there is no pressing your nose against the glass while you watch the aluminum bits turn to liquid. If you are going to try making one of these yourself then you may wish to think about including a fuse.

In about micro fusione a cera persa oreficeria that he melts enough scrap aluminum into a stainless steel bowl to pour into a mold to get a test piece.

If want more information about what useful parts are inside then check out this primer. Or you can leave the parts in and use the oven is for melting guide , but maintain a fire extinguisher handy.